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Do what's right, become an informant

Every year, billions of dollars from the wealthiest are diverted offshore to avoid tax or conceal profit from fraud. Tax evasion, a criminal act in most countries, takes place every day in tax havens with the complicity of financial institutions. By not paying their shares, criminals steal from all of us. In the first world, the lack of government revenues drastically threatens our social fabric. Hospitals and schools are getting abandoned. In developing countries, corruption money makes its ways offshore, taking away from the poorest of all. White-collar crimes are rampant, new cases of crypto-currency frauds, insider trading, pump and dump or money laundering are exposed every day. In most circumstances authorities are powerless and the profit from those who violate the laws finds its way around the world, hiding in secret bank accounts.

Every day, banks, trusts, brokerage & law firm, pharmaceutical companies, Hospital and contractors workers assist their employers in supporting this theft of our common wealth. Up until now, there was nothing one could do to stop this. How could you alert the authorities without risking your job or even worse? This is why we founded WhistleBlower Informant, a group of experienced lawyers, bankers and accountants to help and support any whistleblower who wishes to come forward and do what’s right.

This ends today!

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Representing Whistleblowers  Worldwide | Fighting for Those Who Speak Up

Whistleblower Informant is a group of global lawyers and consultants, specialized in providing direct assistance and information to help you protect yourself and profit when you are reporting corruption, tax evasion or fraud, wherever you are. Our Whistleblower team focus on cases for U.S. and international clients in the matter of :

  • IRS Tax Fraud Whistleblower Reward Program

    The IRS Whistleblower Reward Program has been the most generous whistleblower program. The Internal Revenue Service calculates that the U.S. loses $450 billion per annum to fiscal evasion. In 2006, Congress enacted legislation providing sturdy payments for whistleblower informants who report tax crime.  The law stipulates that the IRS is required to pay between 15% and 30% of all proceeds collected from tax fraud or tax underpayments if:

    • The informant supply information where the IRS decides to take action. (a whistleblower can’t force the Internal Revenue Service to act on a tip);

    • The amount in dispute is in excess of $2 million (if the suspect is an individual, his gross revenue must exceed $200,000 for at least one of the  tax years in review); and

    • The IRS collects tax from the action (including any related actions and penalties).

  • Qui Tam / False Claims Act

    The False Claims Act has one amount of the strongest whistleblower information protection provisions in the U.S. However, it has several complex parts and requirements, which can hurt any individual that pursues such a claim without counsel. Due to the significant potential monetary award, it is highly recommended to retain a lawyer to be represented. Qui tam, under the False Claims Act, allows individuals and organisations with proof of wrongdoing against federal programs or contracts to sue the offender on behalf of the United States Government. In Qui tam actions, the government has the right to intervene and be part of the action. If the govt declines, the complainant might proceed on his or her own.  

  • SEC Whistleblower Reward Program

    The SEC Whistleblower Program was put in place by the U.S. Congress to provide financial rewards for a person who reports possible infractions of the federal securities laws to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Under this program eligible informants could receive a financial award between 10% and 30% of the entire financial sanctions collected by the SEC and related actions brought by some other regulatory and law enforcement departments. The SEC Whistleblower program also forbid any retaliation from employers against the informant who came forward with the information about possible securities violations.

  • Commodity Exchange Act Whistleblower Rewards

    The CFTC mandate is to regulate the multi-trillion dollar futures and option markets. Similar to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Exchange Act Whistleblower Rewards program was put in place under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, with informants eligible to receive an award accounting between 10 percent and 30 percent of the all the financial sanctions the CFTC collected from a successful legal action that came from the information submitted by the informant to the CFTC. 

Who are we?

Our team is composed of former federal prosecutors, accountants and ex-offshore bankers who understand the “game” and the damage tax evasion and financial frauds cause to our society today. We have the knowledge, experience and contacts to bring to justice the cheaters. To date, we have helped recuperate hundreds of millions of dollars, and this is only the beginning. 

Whistleblower Informant offers its services free of charge, we get compensated directly by the lawyers if a payment is made. 

Depending of the countries where the tax is due, or the fraud took place, as a Whistleblower, you may be entitled to a substantial amount of the money recuperated by the government. By providing us with information to help our quest, you have the choice to remain completely anonymous and name a charity as the beneficiary of the potential reward; or you may, in complete confidentially, tell us who you are so we could collect the potential rewards in your name. We are committed to protect whistleblowers from retaliation.

How big are the rewards? It depends on the country. As an example, in the US, a whistleblower is rewarded between 15 and 30 percent of the total proceeds the IRS collects in an enforcement action, based on the information provided. Under the law, these awards will be paid when the individual/corporation identified by the whistleblower (including taxes, penalties and interest) sums to more than $2 million in collected amounts. The lawyers who work the cases will usually take a fee representing 30% of the rewards to cover their time, effort and risk of non-payment. The remaining would be paid directly to you or the charity of your choice. No fees are charged if no payment is made.


Become a Whistleblower Anonymously or Confidentiality:

Safety is crucial to our business. Whistleblowing is sensitive, and if the informant doesn’t feel secure and safe by anonymity, we know he will not come forward. This is why we have developed secure ways of communication between the whistleblower and our team of specialists. Every communication with us will remain confidential. If you choose, your friends, employer or country will never know the hero you are. We recommend that you create an Alias email at, the safest email on the web. You can write to us at

You must provide as much information as you can, statements, account opening forms, emails, reports of discussions or events where your were present with dates or any other information that you may judge relevant.

We offer you two ways to become a Whistleblower Informant, you can remain completely anonymous, we will not know who you are. If an award is paid for the information you provided, it will be given to the charity of your choice. You can also choose to disclose your name and collect the amount due, most Whistleblower program protect the identity of the informant. 

You will not tell us who you are and will not provide any information about yourself. You can name a charity or a church to receive any awards in your name. We invite you to open a anonymous email account using an Alias with ProtonMail to secure all future communications. 

You will disclose your name and confidential ways to communicate with you. We invite you to open a confidential email account with ProtonMail to secure all future communications. 

Or you can just email us from a secure email, we strongly recommend you don’t use your work email and refrain from communicating with us from your workplace.

Note: We are aggressively recruiting informants, chances are that you will not be the only individual in your firm to find out about Any case brought to our attention more than once will be allocated to the first individual who provided documents to build the case. Don’t wait, if you don’t blow the whistle, someone else will.